Nothing is new under the digital sun

Nothing is new under the digital sun

I have started this blog under the real and generous sun in Montevideo, Uruguay

This blog is a reflection on my place as an individual in the increasingly digitalized society and life in general. Our places on Earth might be physical or metaphysical, few or many. We are constantly placing ourselves and other people as well as being placed by them. The Internet and related new technology allow us to do it faster, more efficiently but, probably, less thoughtfully...How to use these powerful resources for creating good things: insightful lectures, inspiring texts, long lasting relationships, deeper undestanding of life as it goes on? Those are thoughts that I want to share with my students, colleagues and friends.

About Facebooking and blogging

Internet marketing course 2012Posted by Veronika Mon, January 30, 2012 00:10:41

The second week of the course had two milestones: the seminar about Facebook and the intensified competition of our group bloggers.

The topics discussed at the seminar seem to reveal some typical behaviours that all of us have been engaged in for a long time on-line - stalking and showing off. Several brave and self-critical students dared to call things their real names. Good for you and all of us! I could not stop discussing these behaviours with my friends at dinner the same night and got a lot of input. The alternative explanation we arrived at was the detioration of our socialization skills in general, which makes the supeficial way to communicate our best choice. This means that some of us do not want to communicate off line anymore, or at least not as much as we used to do. This is really scary!

By the way, some people I know and respect have intentionally left the digital communication space and limited it to the occasional e-mails and Skype calls. Back to the physical world. If I'm not mistaken, one group has blogged about several celebrities announcing their digital deaths and collecting money from their fans (spent on good causes) in order to come back. Some of us might consider that soon :))) some might even get rich or at least famous.

The second happening of the week was the intensifying competition for attention, blog awareness and traffic that has caused the intense publishing activity by some groups. I have also experienced the increased amount of news on my private Facebook account from the "be-friended" groups. Still bearable though...but what happens if all decide to be-friend me? Some of your have raised concerns about the ways to earn the publicity, the high number of unique and repeat visitors, and, in that way, to win the competition. Does the noble goal justify all possible means to it? Is it ethical to spam? Is it right to be-friend people to use them as communication channels? What do we win by pushing our context into the throats of our readers/listeners? Do we win in the long run? Or do we lose at the end? Well, if we don't push our way up, we will, probably, get lower number of visitors but, on the other hand, trust and respect from those few who came freewillingly. I vote for those few...

Well, I would like to hear what you think! Please, share your thoughts with me!

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