Nothing is new under the digital sun

Nothing is new under the digital sun

I have started this blog under the real and generous sun in Montevideo, Uruguay

This blog is a reflection on my place as an individual in the increasingly digitalized society and life in general. Our places on Earth might be physical or metaphysical, few or many. We are constantly placing ourselves and other people as well as being placed by them. The Internet and related new technology allow us to do it faster, more efficiently but, probably, less thoughtfully...How to use these powerful resources for creating good things: insightful lectures, inspiring texts, long lasting relationships, deeper undestanding of life as it goes on? Those are thoughts that I want to share with my students, colleagues and friends.

New term to start soon

Internet marketing course 2013Posted by Veronika Thu, January 10, 2013 15:50:55

The next teaching period is approaching fast. With the help of the committed staff at The Duffy Agency, Sean Duffy and I will meet 65 (or more) Master students for new challenging projects we have planned to carry out together. This is exciting!

The last year’s course – the first one of this kind at Lund School of Economics and Management – resulted in 18 blogs created by our students. These blogs attracted 46,000 unique visitors from 125 countries who made 80,000 visits and generated 181,425 page views. This was a unique publicity for our School!

We go for more ambitious goals this year. More participation, more creativity, more sharing! More focused and meaningful content!

See you on-line!

The results of Internet marketing course 2012 can be seen here!

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