Nothing is new under the digital sun

Nothing is new under the digital sun

I have started this blog under the real and generous sun in Montevideo, Uruguay

This blog is a reflection on my place as an individual in the increasingly digitalized society and life in general. Our places on Earth might be physical or metaphysical, few or many. We are constantly placing ourselves and other people as well as being placed by them. The Internet and related new technology allow us to do it faster, more efficiently but, probably, less thoughtfully...How to use these powerful resources for creating good things: insightful lectures, inspiring texts, long lasting relationships, deeper undestanding of life as it goes on? Those are thoughts that I want to share with my students, colleagues and friends.

The value of setting high goals

Internet marketing course 2012Posted by Veronika Mon, February 06, 2012 01:00:55

Some of you have told me that I set too high expectations in this course, especially in the individual assignment. I wrote back to one student that this was true, although I did not realise it myself at this moment. This is true - I want you to achieve your highest potential in both theoretical and practical parts of this course.

Studies have shown that teachers' expectations have a profound effect on the academic achievement of students while managers' expectations influence the productivity of their staff. Managers with high expectations about their employees motivate the people around them to perform well, while those with poor expectations cause their staff to become dependent and unproductive. Throughout the academic and business world, expectations have the power to become self-fulfilling prophecies. To put it simple, you become what you and others believe you to become.

The special value of setting high goals and, by doing so, choosing the hard way is the appreciation of one's achievement when the goal has been reached.

The quote below and the foillowing text is taken from the inspiring Facebook page My attitude- My life - My rules (The group Share and Inspire knows these guys!)

If everything was easy, nothing would be worth it."

The things in life that we work the hardest for, will be the things in life that we will remember and cherish the most, while the things in life that come to us with no struggle, will be memories made that we will remember sparingly. Your work ethic is a good indicator of the type of character that you have now and will develop in the future,... and is also a good indicator that a person has reached high levels of maturity, because not everyone agrees with the fact that the things that come easiest arent always worth accepting. It takes a hard worker, a worker who is willing to roll up their sleeves instead of turn up their noses in the face of adversity, to make value out of the things that they know that they must work towards in an effort to make their life, their life, instead of just producing a meaningless one.

I cannot agree more! And you?

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